NYPD Warns Their Officers Not to Carry in Jersey

From the New York Post

Not even members of the NYPD can carry their service or concealed firearms off duty if they head to New Jersey, even if policy were to state they must be armed off duty.

The NYPD is warning its officers that under a new law, they could be arrested in New Jersey if they travel through that state off-duty with high-capacity firearm magazines. – From the NYP

The internal Police Department memo, issued this week, advises New York City cops that if they pass through the neighboring state with a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds when they’re not on the clock, they’d be violating the new law.

So just to travel the NYPD officers need 10 round magazines if they could head to neighboring New Jersey. They cannot bring their standard capacity magazines across the line, even unloaded, the items are verboten.

There is no standard anymore folks. Gun controllers will push every restriction as far as they can and then reload to do it again.


Keith Finch
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