Nerf Gun License? Only in NYC!

It's Nerf Or... Wait. Apparently It's Just Nothing.

A picture of a Nerf Elite Strike 2
photo credit: Nerf/Hasbro
NYC is something of a meme when it comes to their attempts to nerf the second amendment. From their draconian policies throughout the 20th century banning essentially all lawful gun ownership, their elimination of all but two gun stores (those holdouts are in Manhattan, obviously), their blaming of Virginia for most of their gun crime, and perhaps most notably their Stop And Frisk campaign: Meant to find illegal guns, but apparently mostly good at harassing people doing nothing wrong.

But if there’s one thing we must surely all have assumed would always be sacred, it’s Nerf guns. That staple of the childhood toybox, one of a precious few remaining gifts that ensures a child gets any sort of exercise away from a screen, and fun for all ages, has apparently fallen afoul of the anti-gun movement.

Attempting to obey the absurd gun laws of his home city, the above redditor, recognizing that the permit to buy spring and air powered guns doesn’t actually exist, sent a message to the police commissioner asking what it was he was supposed to do in order to comply with the law in purchasing a Nerf gun. The response he got was, I think most would agree, literally insane: he was told to apply for a concealed carry permit. To be clear, if you look at the message he sent, it included a photo of the single shot, spring-powered Nerf gun in question, with the relevant foam darts. This is not simply a misunderstanding, as anyone with eyes who was presented with the question he sent would understand there is not a firearm, pellet gun, or even airsoft gun at play here, just a nerf pistol, and the cheapest one they make at that.

So one is left to assume that the Police Commissioner of NYC, or at least whoever answers their email, genuinely believes that owning a plastic, spring-powered, single shot Nerf dart launching device within the boroughs of their city requires 16 hours of classroom training, two hours on a live range, and to pass a written test with a score of at least 80 percent. It’s honestly no wonder their Bruen response law is getting eaten up in court.
Lars Smith
Lars is one of Gat's Wordmancers, having come to the company after years of experience in biology, agriculture, management, marketing, and writing. He found the gun community through prepping, and after realizing where he was on the Dunning-Kruger scale, jumped into the self-defense community with both feet. Since then, the 80 hours of professional firearms instruction he's taken has only made him hungry for more.