NRA Launches First TV Ad of Presidential Election Cycle & Its Powerful!

Hillary and the Democrats have been waging war on the NRA from the start of their campaigns. The NRA has patiently sat back and waited for the right time to drop their response. WOW it’s a big one.

Retired Marine Mark (OZ) Geist strolls a cemetery making it very clear that his friends died due to her inaction. He did his part now its time to do yours. Go out and vote for a candidate that will support your second amendment rights.

“We cannot trust Hillary Clinton with our gun rights or our national security. The stakes in this election for law-abiding gun owners have never been higher, and the NRA will use all available resources to ensure that voters understand the consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency on their fundamental right of self-defense,” said Chris W. Cox, chairperson of the NRA-PVF. “By saying that the Supreme Court got it wrong in the historic Heller decision, Hillary made it clear that she does not believe Americans have the right to keep a gun in their home to protect themselves.”

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