And now a word from The Chairman… The Latest From Nighthawk Custom

The latest release from Nighthawk Custom is here! The first pistol in their Boardroom series is titled “The Chairman

The Chairman is a signature, handcrafted, executive level, longslide 1911.

From NHC

The Chairman is the first in our Boardroom Series of Pistols. The Chairman is a 6” Long-Slide Government 1911, available in 9mm or .45 ACP. Windows in the slide allow the heavier 6” slide to function properly, while also showing off the stunning TiN, Gold Nitride Barrel. The long slide creates significantly less felt-recoil, while also providing a longer sight radius, meaning tighter groups. Custom grips designed in partnership with Railscales finish this build that will surely catch attention both on and off the range.
  • Finish: DLC with TiN Barrel
  • Forged government size frame and 6″ barrel 
  • Match grade 9mm barrel 
  • Nighthawk Custom fully adjustable 2-dot Tritium rear sight with pyramid anti-snag. Sights have vivid outer white rings for good daytime sight acquisition.
  • Railscale G10 grips
  • Gold Np3 Treatmnet
  • Ball radius cut on the slide
  • 25 lines per inch checkered front strap and mainspring housing 
  • Lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom tri-cavity trigger
  • New ultra hi-cut front strap
  • Completely dehorned to remove all sharp edges
  • Checkered recoil spring plug

Just in time to finish out the year and in keeping with Nighthawk Custom’s “One Gun One Gunsmith” level of superb quality The Chairman offers NHC’s signature blending of artisan form and function.

MSRP starts at $4,195

If you haven’t had hands on a Nighthawk Custom you need to… You’ll understand the moment you do.

See The Chairman here and browse the entire NHC line.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Keith Finch
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