News Agencies Reporting: Trump Administration to Ban Bump Stocks

Image from CNN coverage of the speech

The Trump administration is preparing to officially ban bump stocks on guns, a move that would put an end to the sale of attachments that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire faster and that would follow through on an order President Trump made this year to the Justice Department to regulate the devices. – NYT

The eight year assault on the second amendment that came to a crashing end is apparently not so ended.

“So we’re knocking out bump stocks,” the president said during a news conference, “I’ve told the N.R.A. I’ve told them: Bump stocks are gone.”

The devices garnered worldwide attention after the Las Vegas attack. Prior to that they were a gimmick of the firearms industry that turned money into noise faster. After the Mandalay Bay massacre the stocks were turned into nightmare fuel by the news media. In analytical reality the stocks probably saved lives, wild rapid unaimed shots into a moving crowd in place of aimed fire.

But we don’t want to address the realities. We want to name the bad thing and make it go away with law magic. When that doesn’t work we will do it again… and again… rights be damned we gotta do something!

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