NEW RELEASE: PHlster Modular Holster Wedge Kit

PHlster, a company known for it's ingenuity in concealment released the Modular Wedge Kit. A kit of twelve wedge modules made with conforming and sweat wicking material, this kit ensures that the user won't need to make four separate orders to finally find a wedge that works for their holster.

PHlster, a company known for rethinking the concealment game and educating us about it with each launch. First came the PHlster Floodlight, an inside the waistband universal holster that retains based off of the light not the gun. Then came the Enigma, a holster that wears independent of your clothing and now has a whole community of Yoga Pant and Enigma wearers. Now, the PHlster Modular Holster Wedge Kit.

Why the Need?

We all know the pain of finding the right wedge when it comes to holsters. No one wedge will work with all holsters and sometimes it takes 6 tries to find that certain wedge that does work. Sometimes it even leads to us building our own out of yoga blocks. (PHlster released a self help video of this too) It could mean three different orders, three different shipping payments, and a plastic bin of wedges before finding the right wedge for that one holster. Truly frustrating..

PHlster solved these issues with giving us a MODULAR wedge KIT. Modular, meaning they can be stacked, stuck side by side, or switched out. Kit, meaning there is more than one. FINALLY RIGHT?! An order that can be placed once that comes with twelve wedge modules.

Two modules from the kit being used by stacking on eachother. Each module is sticky on the back.

The Kit

“The Modular Holster Wedge Kit provides a variety of stackable shapes which you can use in any combination or configuration to quickly and easily get the comfort and concealment results you need, with no permanent modifications to the holster. 

Each kit comes with two base pads, two spines, four half-circles, and four “bean” shapes, pre-cut hook tabs for each shape, and two pieces of adhesive loop. For a total of 12 wedge modules, this is enough to adjust two holsters, with enough modules and material left over to fine tune an extra magazine carrier or knife sheath.”-PHlster

Due to this being a kit the extra small modules within the kit can be used as mag holder wedges.

The Material

“Each module contains a proprietary viscoelastic foam encapsulated in stretchy plastic, RF welded in a fabric cover. Based on the technology from state-of-the-art ballistic helmet pads, the Modular Holster Wedges are extremely comfortable, retain their shape, reject sweat and moisture, and reduce uncomfortable rubbing and skin shear compared to other wedge materials. The fabric outer layer glides over the foam capsule and feels more like a firm gel than the typical foam wedge. “-PHlster

A screen grab of the product launch video. Jon is showing the gel on the inside of the wedge modules.

Basing off experience of helmet pads and wedges ordered online, there truly is a difference to the moldable shape of each. Wedges are often of a foam type that is stiff and will not conform to your body and can cause some annoying hot spots. However helmet pads do have more of a gel feel and will shape to your head. The material of this wedge kit has the conformity but still the strength to retain it’s shape. The sweat and moisture rejection is an added plus.

The Pricing and Availability

Currently in stock on the wedge kit prices at $44.00 for a kit of 12 wedge modules and 2 pieces of adhesive loop.

Note: “The Modular Holster Wedge Kit has a 12 month warranty. Think of them like underwear and expect to refresh or replace them after some reasonable period of time. If you need to return your kit for reasons other than defect or error, please keep in mind that kits that have been cut and worn are not eligible for a return. If you need individual assistance getting your kit dialed in, please email us at or join the PHLster Concealment Workshop Facebook Group.

The Product Launch

Below is a live stream of two days ago when the product was launched. Jon and Sarah Hauptman go over the product pretty in depth and answer questions.

Anna Martinez
Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.