New Burris Optics Products for 2021

Burris Optics delivered 8 new products in January ’21!

The Burris Thermal Riflescope (BTS) in 35mm and 50mm.

The Burris Thermal Clip-On (BTC) in 35mm and 50mm.

The Burris Thermal Handheld (BTH) in 35mm and 50mm.

The Oracle X Rangefinding Crossbow Scope.

The Oracle 2 Rangefinding Bow Sight.

The Burris Thermal Scope allows you to flip through 10 different reticles with the push of a button. The 4-power zoom, multiple color palettes and hot tracking options sets the bar high for feature rich night hunting optics.

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The Burris Thermal Clip-On lets you turn up the heat on your favorite riflescope. Go from standard to thermal in just seconds with our simple adapter or use it as a handheld for added mobility.

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The Burris Thermal Handheld allows you to Hot Track targets out past 750 yards so you can quickly find heat signatures in the dead of night. Real time wifi-to-mobile connection allows others to view, control and record the handheld from a mobile phone!

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The Oracle X features a modern, lightweight design with 2-7x variable power magnification that can handle any weather conditions you might experience and is backed by the Burris no questions asked Forever Warranty.  It features 200 yard rangefinding, angle compensation, wireless remote, and both auto and manual brightness controls.  Expected retail price is just $899 with models available for purchase in June ’21.

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Burris Optics is proud to introduce the new and improved Oracle 2 Rangefinding Bow Sight.  The Oracle 2’s design is based on all the customer feedback we got from the original Oracle and includes: Improved Auto-Brightness Detection, Improved Manual Brightness Control (lower levels), Improved Set-Up (micro-adjustments on LRF), better waterproofing and more accurate arrow drop calculations. The function is still the same… range your target at full draw with the push of a button. The Oracle 2 instantly provides the distance to your target and an exact aiming point that factors in the angle of your shot. No more guessing distance, fumbling with rangefinders, dialing sights or aiming between pins. Expected retail is just $799 with models available for purchase in June ’21.

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Burris Optics, based in Greeley, Colorado, has been an optics innovation leader for nearly 50 years. The company produced its first optics in 1972 and was the originator of the ballistic plex design employed by every hunting optics manufacturer since. Every optic produced by Burris is designed, engineered, and tested in our Greeley, CO facility. 

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