The NeoMag Magazine Carrier 

Trampas Swanson takes a look at The NeoMag Magazine Carrier for  If you are looking for ways to carry a spare magazine as part of the EDC, keep on reading.

The firearms industry is a wonderful microcosm of the world financial market to observe with its trends, growth, rise in popularity and success from big business and small entrepreneurs alike. For shooters like me who love the industry so much that we invest our careers into both the “hardware” (guns, ammo and equipment) and “software” (training) aspects of it, one must always stay on top of the newest techniques and products. As a firearms instructor, I have noticed a huge increase over the past 10 years in people from all walks of life pursuing their state rights here in the US to obtaining a concealed carry permit for their handguns. As a direct result of this trend, the request from NRA instructors such as we employ with my business, the Swanson Training Group has sharply risen as well. As the managing editor of the Swanson Media Group, my fantastic team is always flooded with new firearms, gadgets and holsters claiming to make concealed carry easier, more comfortable and efficient.  

During my trip to this year’s largest firearms industry event in the world known as the SHOT SHOW, I had the pleasure of meeting a sharp minded inventor by the name of Graig Davis, owner of a company by the name of NeoMag. Graig and I discussed a few issues about carrying concealed which face people who do so all the time. The first was the lack of people carrying spare ammunition. I mentioned to Graig the fact that when I was in law enforcement, we carried not only the ammo in the pistol but an additional 2 spare mags as well but when I was off duty, I normally just carried the gun. The reason why was because when I was on duty, I had a large utility belt to hang handcuffs, gloves, holsters, batons, keys, and mag pouches on. Off duty, I could only fit my wallet and cell phone into my Wrangler jeans. If I tried to toss in a spare magazine, it would sink to the bottom of my pocket wedged under my wallet or tangled into keys. As a strong supporter of the right to carry a firearm concealed, Graig wanted to create a minimalistic way to carry a spare magazine that would help promote gun owners in carrying spare ammo.  

Using the best quality materials available, Graig set out to build a magnet based pocket clip versatile enough to be used with a wide range of magazines. All Graig’s research and efforts resulted in a product known simply as the NeoMag. Made from CNC machined steel with a black nitride finish, the NeoMag has a titanium pocket clip and powerful neodymium rare earth magnet. The steel black nitride finished wings come in small, medium and large to secure magazines from twisting out of the grasp of the magnet. 

I left the show with samples of each size to try out once I returned home to Florida. My choice in a daily carry firearm is often dictated by weather and clothing choice and can range from as small as a Glock 42 .380 (size small) and as large as my custom Les Baer 1911 .45 ACP (size large). The highest percentage of the time will find my Glock 19 9mm in an inside-the-waistband holster with a size medium NeoMag. What makes the NeoMag so versatile with only 3 size options is the open frame design which accommodates single and double stack magazines. The titanium pocket clip has a very strong retention to prevent it from working loose out of your pocket.  Even with a full-size magazine sharing my front pocket with my wallet (you can thank my chiropractor for that habit) the NeoMag comfortably holds the magazine upright and ready for quick deployment.  

Currently, I am well into my third month using the NeoMag carriers daily and I do not leave the house carrying concealed without my spare magazine and NeoMag. Retailing for $44.99 each regardless of size ordered, you will find they quickly pay for themselves compared to other systems on the market you would order and only use once or twice. I should point out, if you are a fan of using aftermarket pistol magazines built mostly from polymer such as Magpul and ETS magazines built for Glock pistols, these mag carriers will not work due to the lack of metal in its construction. The good news is, if you use Glock factory magazines, the NeoMag works perfectly! Look for NeoMag to become a household name for shooters in 2017!  


Eric TGL
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