Nebraska Becomes the 27th Constitutional Carry State

From the FPC,

LINCOLN, NE (April 25, 2023) — Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen signed the FPC-supported LB 77 into law, enacting permitless carry in the Cornhusker State. Nebraska is now the twenty-seventh state to enact such legislation.

Under the new law, which will take effect 3 months after the legislative session ends, Nebraskans and non-residents 21 and older will no longer need a license to carry concealed, though individuals must still be legally eligible to possess handguns. Carry licenses will still be available to eligible individuals who wish to acquire one for various purposes, such as compliance with federal law prohibiting firearm possession in school zones (18 U.S.C. § 922(q)(2)) and reciprocity with other states.

“After years of effort, Nebraska is now the latest state to restore the fundamental right to carry a firearm without needing a government-issued permission slip,” said Richard Thomson, FPC’s Vice President of Programs. “We look forward to restoring this right in the minority of states that still require a permit to carry. Additionally, we look forward to restoring the right for ALL adults in states that still ban 18-20 year olds from carrying.”

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Permitless Carry

Constitutional Carry, or permitless carry, is the current best legal acknowledgment of the right to bear arms. If you are permitted to own them, you are permitted to carry them. You can own a pistol, you can carry a pistol. Are there ‘restrictions still?’ yes.

This does not undercut and should rather further encourage carriers to seek out good training to carry properly, but it removes a tedious legal barrier which is ultimately what a permitting scheme is.

Keith Finch
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