NASCAR’s Jordan Anderson for GAT Marketing

NASCAR Race to Freedom II Truck Sponsor GAT Marketing

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GAT Daily is proud to announce our sponsorship of Jordan Anderson, NASCAR truck driver.

And you can watch it here at Out of the Groove on Monday, Oct 26th at 7pm Eastern.

Jordan and Eric will be chatting about…

The amazing debut of the the Race to Freedom II truck in partnership with GAT Marketing! Jordan will be on hand to tell the whole story of how the partnership came to be, and why GAT Marketing is the perfect partner to bring the Race to Freedom truck alive. Jordan will also tell his own story about why this paint scheme is so important to him personally. And if Jordan and Eric’s past interviews are any indication, fans will be sure to get a glimpse at the inside world of a NASCAR driver, and maybe even a few hints about his strategy at Martinsville…

The race, the Hall of Fame 200 of the Gander RV & Outdoor Truck Series, is set to start Friday at 8:00pm Eastern at the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia.

Now I don’t know all of you, my readers. I don’t know how you feel about NASCAR. Some are probably regular viewers with your hand picked driver, you know that stats the win strategies, the in and out of the vehicle, everything!

Some of your are probably in the, “Oh look, another left turn…” category of viewers too. Most, probably somewhere in the middle. With me! I’ve been to a couple races in my time and must say, it’s a hell of a time. They’re fun ways to get away and get lost in a skilled contest. This one happening between insanely high performance machines.

And in my opinion, the truck series are even more fun because there is just something about a truck. High performing machines of any type are a marvel. Firearms, aircraft, trucks, off road vehicle, name it and when its built right that it’s just a sight and sound to be admired.

Craftmanship at a certain level become art, because you can’t just stamp it out of a machine. The skilled hands bring it together and skilled hands make it run. Like guns.. like trucks.

I hope you’ll tune in with me! 7pm.

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