Misfit Toy Society Podcast

A podcast that provides a language that bridges the gap between those within the faith community and gun industry.

The Misfit Toy Society (MTS) podcast, founded by a a preacher and gun toter by the name of Duke Krieger. Instantaneously, just that concept draws our attention. Why? Because it’s different and it already gives those within the firearms community a sense of relation and future growth.

The Misfits

An island of misfit men and women that a “risk of life and violence of action is an everyday part of their vocation and calling“, as Duke puts it. How can anyone within the faith community, who are best friends with God, be able to relate to us? People who are so rough, and raw, and broken?

That’s the whole point of this podcast. Within this very volatile industry there are many good people who can help each other find happiness and as Duke likes to put it, go “All in, All the time”.

The Shepherd

Duke the man behind the Podcast is a Founder and Pastor for Life of Faith Family Church. He has been within the tactical firearms community since 2007. Just like the Misfits, he has gone through the troubles of addiction, pain, and unhappiness. He realized that his hobbies, guns, the people within the industry, can’t fix the hole in his heart that he had. He then decided one day to go all in and start his relationship with God.

Duke Krieger MTS founder

The Apostle Paul is someone that Duke brought up during our conversation. Saint Paul is known for teaching the gospel of Christ to those who would not normally be exposed to it. Duke found happiness through this, and he wants to share it, expose people to the joy. Just like a GrandMaster of USPSA. You don’t have to be a GrandMaster to listen and learn. But a GrandMaster can teach and share his techniques.

Starting the Conversation

The first podcast episode is titled


“Duke Krieger is joined by Buck Thomas, Marine, PMC and Outdoorsman, as they discuss getting started in enjoying friendship with God. Join them as they candidly discuss their lives and what they’ve encountered in this new way of living.”

Buck Thomas

This conversations are just that, a conversation. With those who can relate to the Misfits. Duke talks on going through the same very troubles that Buck Thomas did and finding happiness. They also talk on the standard mountain man things, firearms, and hunting. It is a conversation with two people who found a mutual best friend, God.


Return of Investment. Let’s say that you are trying to get better at your handgun handling. So you go to the range and go through about an hour of firing at steel. You aren’t using any drills, you aren’t practicing on what you know that you aren’t strong on. You are literally just spending an hour of your day shooting ammo and hearing steel ring…sometimes. What will you get on that return? Not much.

These podcasts revolve around ROI. Can you give 15 minutes? An hour? You can then turn on a podcast and “go to the range/go to church“. It is a way to start that shift in your mind to Christ. It isn’t forced, it’s on your terms. They are conversations about Misfits. Misfits that figured out how to fill that hole. Invest your mind and heart, and you will get the return…Go all in with Christ..and you will get the return of utter happiness and a best friend.

“The Island” showing resources being dropped to those in need

Within the website are also training courses. Duke talks on bible verses and relations with God. ROI. You taking 13 minutes to listen to a training course, you will get another outlook and way to relate to God. You will be able to be “fed all week”.– Duke Krieger

The Faith and Firearms Community

During this conversation I asked Duke a question, “do you think that doing this will be a hard thing to get across the firearms community?” Immediately he answered, “no.” There are many good people within this community. Many people that are very committed to growing each day.

Guests on MTS so far

Buck Thomas: Former Marine and Outdoorsman

Will: @give_war_a_chance, retired Army veteran and Warrior’s Heart alumnus

Darryl Bolke of @dbshootingadventures, highly respected lawman, gunfighter, shooting instructor and medically retired cop

Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics

How to listen


Life of Faith Family Church

LOFFC Facebook

Exposure is a large thing when being comfortable with something. They use these techniques in a lot of beginner firearm courses. Nervous around a Glock? Let’s take it apart and know what every little piece does.
Nervous around Christ? Let’s learn about him. Let’s open that book.

Anna Martinez
Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.