Mikaela Kellner dubbed as Swedish ‘Bikini Cop’ resigns from active-duty after 11 years

Mikaela Kellner, arguably one of the world’s most famous police officer, has quit her job in Sweden after eleven years on the force. Kellner rose to national and international fame last summer for arresting a thief in Stockholm park wearing only a bikini.

Her resignation may strike a blow to the public image of Sweden’s police, which has suffered recently.

In 2015, her action took media attention and made international headlines. From that day, Mikaela Kellner was dubbed as ‘Bikini police‘ and ‘Swedish ninja‘ for assisting in the arrest of a thief in a park in Stockholm and all of that while off-duty. The fact that she was wearing a bikini instead of her police uniform did not stop her from intervening, chasing and at the end pinning the bewildered would-be pickpocket to the ground until reinforcement come.

For her actions, she was received a call from Swedish Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and an invitation to have lunch at Rosenbad, Sweden’s seat of government. However, that wasn’t enough to prevent her from quitting. She decided to move forward despite it was a hard choice and start full-time job as a fitness instructor. If you take a look on her official Instagram account you will know that this move will be instant success.

Source Article from https://special-ops.org/news/fun/mikaela-kellner-dubbed-swedish-bikini-cop-resigns-active-duty-11-years/

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