Meopta Introduces the New MeoAce 3×20 Tactical Sight

Meopta is pleased to introduce the new MeoAce 3×20 tactical sight.  The illuminated reticle in the MeoAce 3×20 is designed for use with rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO and 7.62×39 NATO (or 7.62×51 NATO or 180gr .308 Win when using the 5.56 side of the reticle) and is accurate up to 400 meters.

The MeoAce (Aiming Compact Equipment) sight is night vision compatible and delivers outstanding optical performance.  The illuminated reticle has 12 intensity settings so the brightness level can be adjusted to accommodate ever-changing light and weather conditions in the field.  Meopta’s proprietary MeoBright™ lens multi-coatings eliminate glare and reflections while the hydrophobic MeoDrop™ lens coatings ensure the highest level of visual clarity in adverse weather conditions, easily repelling rain and snow in addition to skin oils and dirt.

“The MeoAce sight is a rugged, high-performance optic and part of Meopta’s commitment to deliver the finest European optical quality to the tactical and L.E. markets here in the U.S.,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager of Meopta USA.

The MeoAce 3×20 will be available in February 2018.


Optional Accessories:

  • Yellow Filter
  • Anti-Reflection Device
  • Anti-Laser Filter
  • Fixed Mount
  • Quick Release Mount
  • Nylon Tactical Case MOLLE
  • Hard Case
MeoAce reticle, BDC


Meopta MeoAce 3×20
Magnification 3 x
Objective Diameter (mm) 20
Exit Pupil Diameter (mm) 6.7
Eye Relief (mm) 65
Resolution (SOA) ≤ 13
Field of View (°) 7
Dioptric Correction ± 4
Illuminated Reticle Yes
No. of Intensity Levels 12
Night Vision Compatibility Yes
Integral Transmission Daylight (%) 87
Integral Transmission Twilight (%) 83
Elevation Range (MOA)  120
Windage Range (MOA)  120
Adjustment Increments (MOA) 1
Power Supply (V) 1.5-3.6 (1xAA)
Battery Lifetime (hours – not on high intensity) Min. 300
Automatic Shutdown (hours) 8
Recoil Resistance (g) 500
Operational Temperature Range (°F) -40       +140
Waterproof (m/hours) 2/2
Max. Length 4.84 in /

123 mm

Max. Height 2.24 in /

57 mm

Max. Width 2.48 in /

63 mm

Weight (oz) 12.35
Objective Filter Thread (mm) M26x.05
Eyepiece Filter Thread (mm) M30x.05

About Meopta

The Meopta Group is a U.S. family-owned, global company with facilities in the United States and Europe. Founded in 1933 in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), Meopta is a leading manufacturer & partner to many of the world’s finest optical brands. Meopta conceives, develops and manufactures precision optical and electro/optical systems for semiconductor, medical, aerospace and military industries as well as for consumer markets.

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Editor’s Note: We should, with any luck, have one of these in for testing shortly

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