Meopta DichroTech Reticle Technology Wins Gray’s Best Award

TAMPA, FL, January 15, 2020 – Meopta’s groundbreaking DichroTech reticle technology, which delivers battery-free illumination, has won a 2020 Gray’s Best award.  This advanced dichroic coating enables reticles in multiple color configurations to automatically adjust color tone and intensity in varying light conditions without the use of a battery.   DichroTech provides maximum contrast and visibility, enhancing target acquisition while speeding and improving shot placement.

The following are excerpts from the Gray’s Sporting Journal 2020 Expeditions and Guides Annual:

“This is the first time in the 25-year history of Gray’s Best that we have given the award for a reticle technology, but when Meopta refers to their DichroTech as “game changing,” they are not exaggerating. 

In recent years, the hot item has been illuminated reticles, with the illumination powered by batteries.  These have steadily improved, with such modifications as variable intensity to suit ambient conditions and prevent loss of night vision, and automatic shut-offs to conserve battery power.  Each has had its drawbacks, however, not least being the need for instant adjustment when seconds count (a glimpse of a moving deer at twilight) to batteries dying at the most inopportune moment, and the need to remember to carry spares.

Meopta’s new “dichroic” technology gives you a coating, for lack of a better term, which adjusts the reticle’s visibility to ambient light conditions with no action on your part.  It is permanent, battery free, and never threatens your night vision.”

  • Terry Wieland, Shooting Editor

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Gray’s Sporting Journal and appreciate their recognition of Meopta’s efforts to offer hunters and shooters a unique alternative to battery-powered illuminated riflescopes,” said Pavel Stastny, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Meopta.  “DichroTech reticles have been well received, and we will continue to add more reticle options using this new technology.”

DichroTech reticles are currently available in the MeoStar and Optika6 riflescope lines with more offerings to come.

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