Meet HITRON an elite unit you probably never heard about

Since 9/11 terrorist attacks, many things are not the same. So the Coast Guard has changed, now they are under the Department of Homeland Security and its mission has been expanded. So the HITRON has got the whole new role. From then to now, they have gone through a major reconstruction. In order to understand, you need to see this video which will tell you all about it and you will see and discover the U.S. Coast Guard in an entirely new way.

HITRON stands for Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron which has taken on certain responsibilities after 9/11 which are far beyond its traditional life-saving missions. Today, HITRON is an armed U.S. Coast Guard helicopter squadron specializing in Airborne Use of Force (AUF) and drug-interdiction missions. It is based at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida.

They turned up into a true military force and already they have gained even more respect for the complex mission of our smallest military unit. So, guess what? This is not your average Coast Guard video. You will encounter the modern Coast Guard so sit back and enjoy this intimate view into the 21st-century Coast Guard.

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