Magnum Research 1911

The pistol’s combat performance is good to excellent.

I have used the Desert Eagle 1911 handgun manufactured by Bul Limited of Israel for many years. Both the Government Model and Commander pistols have been good performers. Recently Magnum Research of Minnesota has imported interesting pistols from this maker, but dropped the billboard type Desert Eagle slide markings in favor of a simpler smooth slide design. I find this new pistol much more tasteful. On the left of the slide the MR1911GSS is the only marking. The frame contains the makers and importers information and the serial number, all done low key. Frankly when I first saw this pistol in the showcase I thought it was a Dan Wesson, it simply has that look. While it isn’t a Dan Wesson  I am not disappointed by a pistol that retails for around eight hundred dollars. It seems Bul Armory of Florida is getting into the 1911 business as well with Bul marked pistols from Israel. More on these later. 

The MR1911 is a full size Government Model 1911 with a five inch barrel. The pistol features the conventional slide and barrel with barrel bushing, full length guide rod, and good fit and finish. The pistol’s satin finished stainless construction is attractive. The MR1911 is supplied with nicely checkered G10 grips. The machining looks good. These are cast frame, the same as Ruger 1911s and a few others in the lower price range. The MR1911 has good features for a pistol in the price frame. The pistol features a checkered front strap. I like this very much, it makes a great deal of different when firing the pistol with sweaty or cold hands. The beavertail design grip safety properly releases its hold on the trigger about halfway into the grip safety’s trigger compression. The hammer, barrel bushing,  mainspring housing, grip safety and slide lock are finished in black. Fit is good. The trigger drops the hammer at 5.15 pounds, a good measure for this type of handgun. The safety indent is positive and the extended safety offers good speed. 

The edges of the magazine well are broken up in a slight bevel to aid in speed loading a magazine. The pistol features forward cocking serrations. I like these, they certainly made administrative chamber checks easier. The barrel is nicely polished in the feed ramp, the frame section of the ramp is also smooth, with the required 1/32 gap between the two surfaces that makes for good feeding. There are two advanced features surprising to find on a pistol in this price range. There is a dip behind the trigger guard that lowers the bore axis slightly. The 1911 pistol features a low bore axis and straight to the rear trigger compression. This feature is an aid in additional lowering of the center line of the bore above the hand. The other feature is a set of excellent combat sights. The front sight is a standard Novak style post with a serrated face. The rear sight is the Wedge type. This sight may be adjusted for windage with a brass hammer. The wedge design allows the slide to be racked on a boot heel or belt. I am not as certain about the efficiency of this maneuver as those who have never tried it are, however, to release the slide after a speed load the wedge sight works well. 

Black Hills Ammunition and the MR1911 proved a good combination. 

The proof of the pistol is in the firing. I collected a good mix of popular ammunition, handloads, and a stack of Wilson Combat magazines. I could not identify the single magazine supplied with the Bul manufactured Magnum Research pistol. Most makers use the excellent MecGar, this may be a Bul product. During the evaluation the most common load was a hard cast lead SWC at 850 fps, I also used a hardball standard 230 grain RNL at 820 fps. From the beginning of the test there were no failures of the pistol to feed, chamber, fire or eject.

The pistol is fast on target. There really isn’t anything faster to a first shot hit than a good quality 1911 .45. Control is good. The cadence of fire is never set by how quickly you are able to press the trigger but how quickly you are able to regain the sights, aim, and fire again. The pistol has good practice accuracy. Like most steel frame 1911 handguns recoil isn’t tough to control. I added a couple of modern defense loads including the Black Hills Ammunition 185 grain JHP, Fiocchi 200 grain XTP, and the Browning 230 grain JHP. Feed reliability was never in question. Benchrest accuracy may not be a test of a combat pistol but then a combat pistol should be accurate enough to strike a threat in the chest area at least to 25 yards. I fired magazine of the Black Hills 230 grain JHP into a tight three inches, firing from a solid barricade position, and a magazine of the Remington 185 grain JHP +P ( out of production at time it seems ) into a slightly larger group. The pistol will run reliably and offers good combat and practical accuracy. 

I looked hard for a proper holster. I like the Government Model .45 for concealed carry and have carried the type for many years. However- I am not as young as I was once and a number of stupendous fights, a couple of vehicle wrecks, and a rip in the muscles have led to some back pain. The Salty Dog Special holster is the work of Dave Galloway and a collaboration between him and ‘Salty Dog. 

Ronin’s Salty Dog Special is a first class concealment holster.


This inside the waistband holster is pancake/kidney position holster with a greater than normal can. The belt loops allow up to a 25 degree cant, I wear it as 15 degrees, the old FBI tilt. A stabilizing food near the base of the holster keeps the holster in position for a sharp draw. This is good kit. The Magnum Research SR1911 is a great 1911 and an important part of my carry gear.