Looking for HD Rifle Ammo? PMC 55 gr Soft Point

Senior Pews N Stuff has an answer. If you don’t follow Mr GunsNGear on the YouTube, it is probably worth your time to do so.

But the question is if budget soft point .223, specifically PMC Bronze here (an ammo I like a lot in FMJ format) is a good defensive round if you can’t get one of the Gold Standards like Gold Dot, 77gr BTHP SMK types, etc. Will the 55 do what you want it to.

First off, yes to those asking if I still recommend FMJ 55gr with a lead core and copper jacket as a viable HD round, the answer is yes and especially so out of longer barrels so the velocity will cause fragmentation. M193 clones are viable. M855/SS109 is not so much.

But, that said, looking at soft points that will further deform and transfer on contact is also a good idea. A great idea in fact. Against unarmored or soft armored assailants it is excellent. Against hard armor it is still likely to be effective at disrupting the threat and a strike on an unarmored portion is going to produce results too. A few to the chest… the head get the rest and all that.

In a timeframe where both ammunition and firearms are scarce, finding viable options is critical to staying properly stocked.

Keith Finch
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