Liberator II from Swampfox

Swampfox Optics proudly announces the new Liberator II red dot sight. Liberator II keeps everything we liked about the original Liberator, while stuffing the inside with upgraded technology, like new emitters with greatly improved battery life and Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing auto on/off. 

Specification highlights:

  • Dot Size = 2 MOA
  • Brightness Adjustments = 2 NV, 8 Daylight Visible
  • Max Battery Life = 10,000 hours with typical use
  • Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing auto on/off illumination
  • Included Mounts = Low Profile and Absolute Co-witness
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces without mount

Swampfox Product Marketing Director Michael Branson said:

“Last year we stepped up our pistol dot game with Liberty, Justice, and Sentinel, I call those our second generation of pistol dot sights. Those have been a big success and the technologies in them are well proven now, like Shake N Wake motion sensing on/off for example. We know it works reliably, we know customers value those features. Now it’s time to circle back and upgrade the Liberator with those same technologies so it doesn’t get left behind. With two mounts in the box there are a ton of applications where Liberator II will get the job done without breaking the bank.”

Branson continued: “The good news is, you get a whole lot more battery life, you get night vision compatibility, you get Shake ‘N Wake, the new 2 MOA emitters work great with 3x magnifiers, and we didn’t have to bump the price up very much at all because we kept all the proven stuff that we already liked, we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel here. MSRP on the original Liberator was $149, and we stuffed Liberator II with all new guts and the MSRP is just $189, so the price difference at MSRP is forty bucks. If you start with the price of the old Liberator as the base, now you’re getting a much-improved optic with a bunch of new benefits and the extra money it cost you is about the same as a tank of gas. I think it’s a huge win for Swampfox.”

MSRP for Liberator II is $189. Swampfox has an aggressive discount policy for law enforcement and military customers and more products still to launch in 2021. Liberator II is available now at

Keith Finch
Keith is the former Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. He got told there was a mountain of other things that needed doing, so he does those now and writes here when he can. A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. Teaching since 2009, he covers local concealed carry courses, intermediate and advanced rifle courses, handgun, red dot handgun, bullpups, AKs, and home defense courses for civilians, military client requests, and law enforcement client requests.