Lewiston, Maine: What we know

Image via Northern Provisions IG, officers search for suspect

Reports came out last night of a mass casualty event at two locations in Lewiston, Maine.

Between 6pm and 7pm last evening, a man armed with an AR attacked patrons of a bar and a bowling alley in rapid succession. Between 16 and 22 people are reported dead between the two locations and between 50 and upwards of 80 were injured by gunfire or sustained while fleeing.

The suspect, Robert Card, is still at large. He is reported as a 40 year old Army Reservist, with some 20 years service. He is also reported as a firearms instructor. He has been recently treated for mental health issues, including a 2 week stay in a facility. Those issues include “hearing voices” and he is believed to have threatened to shoot up his assigned or another Army Reserve location in Maine.

He is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Police have scheduled a conference for 10:30am with updates.

Of tangential note, so eroded is the faith in the institutions of the United States to work for the best interests and safety of the American people, that one of the most common comments I see in threads is “glowy” instead of “madman” or “lunatic”. Glowy, glowing, and similar phrases from comments indicate belief that an act was conducted, facilitated, or encouraged by the government as distraction or politically convenient for their current goals.

Occam’s razor is always in play, though. A madman is sometimes just a madman, and nobody was in place to stop him. This is giving me a strange parallel vibe to Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD Officer who went on a revenge spree in California, and Charles Whitman’s University of Texas attack. The victims selection seems more like UoT, those of convenience, however the manhunt for a dangerous suspect ready to fight feels like Dorner.

To our readers in Maine, stay safe.

Keith Finch
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