Lancer Bets Big On M-Lock Starting With Carbon Fiber Sig MPX Handguards

Lancer Systems is making a big move to the M-Lock standard. One of the “hot off the press” products I spotted at the NRA Annual Meeting was the Lancer Carbon Fiber Stock for the Sig Sauer MPX pistol-caliber carbine. The big plus for carbon fiber products is the significant weight savings. This guard is about 50% the weight of the standard Sig factory model.

The Sig MPX ships with a KeyMod rail system, so as far as we know, the Lancer option is the only M-Lock alternative for MPX owners. Why M-Lock? According to Kas McManus, Business Area Manager of Lancer’s Advanced Weapons Division, “We think that M-Lock provides the best solution for quick-attach to carbon fiber.”

The new MPX rail is M-Lock all around with attachment slots at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions.

The new MPX rail is M-Lock all around with attachment slots at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions.

Lancer is looking to invest in M-Lock as they see it as the winning rail attachment standard. McManus adds, “We’re eventually going to migrate everything over to M-Lock. We started with the MPX model to make sure it was robust enough to meet our standards, and it is. Now we’ll start to switch over other products as well.”

Lancer’s Beth Meiklejohn agrees. “This is where the industry is heading based on what we’re hearing from our customers, so we’re making sure we’re adapting and providing what those customers need.”

Also, as it turns out, M-Lock works much better on carbon fiber platforms and is more convenient as the user doesn’t have to access the rail from the inside to attach gear. The MPX handguard embraces the M-Lock standard all around – not even the top rail is Picatinny, it’s M-Lock too so you’ll also want to stock things like M-Lock-compatible back up sights.

The unit is a turnkey package and ships with the standard Sig MPX support pin in place. Accordingly, the guard can be installed in a couple of seconds without the need for tools. Just open the front takedown pin, slide the old handguard off and the new one on. That’s it.

Initially, Lancer will offer the new handguards in lengths of 4.5, 6.5, 8, and 10-inches. A 14-inch model will be available a little later this year.

Pricing is not yet finalized, and the units will be available through the channel in the next few weeks. Contact Lancer Systems for dealer support assistance.


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