K&M Arms .308 Bullpup – Exclusive

We met up with Ken from K&M Arms while were at the Bullpup Shoot and had an excellent discussion about his brand new .308 bullpup.This bullpup is not on the market yet, and we were the first media to have a chance to shoot it with both munitions and cameras.

Taking advantage of the bullpup design, the rifle is compact. As with all K&M Arms rifles the Elftmann Tactical trigger sets it above most of its competition with a match grade trigger out of the box.

It’s simple to takedown as well. Just like an AR-15, one pin, swing it open. From there the bolt carrier pulls right out for service and cleaning.

When it hits the market, both 16″ and 20″ barrel versions, will be priced less than most of the other bullpups on the market.

Brian from DEZ Tactical Arms makes an appearance as well!


Source Article from http://welikeshooting.com/reviews/guns/km-arms-308-bullpup-exclusive/

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