Kenosha Gunman Arrested in Illinois

Outlets have started calling the young man a vigilante

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, Illinois has been arrested and charged with first degree intentional homicide and it is being said he ‘fled Wisconsin to avoid prosecution’, a claim that will bear out or not based upon the information that can be corroborated of the events leading up to the first shooting of the man, who was chasing Rittenhouse and had thrown an alleged Molotov at him.

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It will be curious to see how the situation is corroborated or dismissed. The available footage shows Rittenhouse in flight and trying to distance himself the mod. He runs from the first man he killed until something (the possible Molotov) was thrown and he turned and shot the man in the head.

That man is alleged to be one that was seen in another earlier confrontation, yelling slurs.

Rittenhouse then continues his flight on camera, is attacked and tripped by a member of the mob chasing him, and surrounded. The crowd begins to attack him as Rittenhouse is on the ground, he fires at those closest.

A man who tried to curb stomp him is fired at but does not appear to be injured. Another strikes Rittenhouse with a skateboard right after and tries to take Rittenhouse’s rifle. Rittenhouse fires from his back and ‘skateboard’ collapses a few steps away, dead or dying after attacking Rittenhouse.

The third man shot was armed with a Glock, he is seen approaching Rittenhouse (hands up at one point), but also grabbing at the rifle. He took a round through the bicep and retreated.

You can hear throughout the video that Rittenhouse is not the only one shooting, lots of other gunfire.

Keith Finch
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