Ian over at Forgotten Weapons takes on a belt fed that most people have probably only seen in the digital space. The KAC LAMG, Knight’s Armament Company – Light Assault Machine Gun, is a continuation on KAC’s legacy of developing and modernizing systems from Eugene Stoner.

With origins back to the Stoner 63 system, the LAMG uses a “constant recoil system”. The lightweight machine gun doesn’t need a buffer to catch the back of the reciprocating bolt carrier. The recoil spring slows and returns the bolt over its full travel distance without delivering a jolt to the shooter.

From Knight’s Armament

The 5.56 variant weighs in at 9lbs unloaded and gives a rifleman in a fireteam belt fed suppression capability with a controllable rate of fire and an incredibly easy recoil impulse. Much lighter than an M249, the KAMG doesn’t compromise a teams maneuverability. It can still operate as a true automatic rifle and not as a machine gun.

The nature of both the 5.56 and 7.62 variants, as well as caliber derivatives of both those, is mobile and controllable squad firepower. They still have quick change barrels, low (for automatic, 600m) rates of fire that vastly improve accuracy and ammo conservation. It can operate in the spaces that the M240 and M249 operate and allow those heavier weapons to operate on platforms that their weight is not a detriment, vehicles and emplacements.

The LAMG is compatible with the full spectrum of optics, ancillaries, and even AR grips to grant the end user agency or branch an array of customization to fit their mission profiles. M-LOK for rails or direct attachment and a KAC heavy duty bipod keep the weapon fully inline with its support role.

It’s one of the coolest belt-feds in production.

Keith Finch
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