Just when you thought it was safe to put your pistol in the freezer…

Mike Jones, the most Thumbed of Garands, is back with the weird science you want.

This time he froze handguns, lots of handguns, a gratuitous amount of handguns.

I have not watched the video (as I write this), I merely know of the videos existence and of a few comments from friends who have. Apparently something spicy occurs with a revolver that is of a cheek clenching nature. If you recall the M14’s performance and the ‘oh no’ that was generated when the hammer was released and did not fall and the rifle couldn’t easily be made safe, it feels like it is along those lines. But I might be wrong and it could be an entirely different, ‘oh no’ than I imagine.

I do predict, however, that the pistols with well sealed systems against the moisture intrusion are going to perform. If the striker or hammer can move and the recoil spring can compress we’re a likely to see positive results. But if there is too much resistance in too many places, we won’t.

Let’s watch together, friends.


Keith Finch
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