Just… Stop… With the Tampons…

Dark Angel Medical has been preaching the gospel of blowout and trauma medicine far and wide. But the masses hated them because they spoke the truth…

Or something like that. Note that the comments on the video are off. That’s how much internet wrath came upon them that it just wasn’t worth dealing with. But for those who don’t want to listen to the vid here is the wound packing short version.

A TAMPON IS NOT ENOUGH GAUZE. There’s a reason that combat gauze, laced with clotting agent to aid in stopping bleeding, is foot after foot after foot. The tampon is nothing by comparison. Nothing. They get saturated and then bled through.

This is along the same vein as claiming the M1 Garand is a viable modern combat rifle because a 30.06 is still a powerful round. It’s obfuscating the whole complexity of a situation to one technically true point to “prove” the theory true.

In the case of the Garand, its that the 30.06 is still plenty lethal and that it was used during WWII and Korea to good effect.

In the case of tampons for wound packing its that tampons “absorb blood” and can be put in a hole to do so clearly that’s enough. It takes zero account of actually destroyed tissue mass or volume of blood being lost. It’s literally “small bullet hole can be plugged with small absorbent tissue. The same logic would allow you to use Kleenex. It doesn’t work.

“Better Than Nothing…”

Ok rando who would rather buy women’s hygiene products in order to literally NOT DIE instead of proper tourniquets and gauze. High point is just as good as Glock or Sig too.

If your justification for not buying equipment for an emergency is that in an emergency you can make do with a “better than nothing” terrible worst case piece of desperation, your plan sucks.

It’s $20 folks. 3x 24in rolls.

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