IWI US Carmel Rifle

IWI US Carmel Rifle

The IWI US Carmel Rifle is a modern short-stroke piston semi-auto tactical carbine chambered in 5.56mm NATO. Everything about this cutting-edge carbine is built around lightweight, easy handling, and easy shooting. This weapon has an external housing made from high-impact polymer. The housing is reinforced with aluminum to help keep that weight down.

Ambidextrous controls are also built into the design by default to account for both right- and left-handed shooters. More importantly, the ambidextrous nature of the IWI US Carmel allows the operator to easily shoot the weapon from either shoulder in tactical situations. Helping keep weight down is also the carbine’s thinner contour cold hammer forged pencil barrel. Even with its light weight, the gun still gives shooters a pleasant recoil impulse. This is due to its avant-garde short-stroke piston and rotating bolt.

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Carmel’s Advanced Features

Furthermore, the CSR16 comes equipped with an array of advanced features, including a full-length Picatinny rail system. This provides you with endless customization options to suit your individual preferences and mission requirements. Whether you prefer optics, lights, or other accessories, the CSR16 accommodates your needs without compromising on performance.

Designed with versatility in mind, the CSR16 features a rugged and ergonomic construction that enhances handling and control in any situation. Its intuitive design allows for quick and seamless target acquisition, enabling you to maintain the upper hand in dynamic tactical environments.

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