IWI ACE’d the AK.

I think I’ve written this before. I’ve certainly commented it before. But the best modern AK offering in the US comes out of IWI. A non-AK company making what is, technically, not an AK anymore.

The original Galil was named after Yisreal Galili who led its design. Galili was born Yisreal Balashnikov. That was a little too close to parody since the Galil is an adapted Finnish RK 62, which is itself an adapted AKM.

Calling a 2 degrees of separation service rifle from the Kalashnikov the Balashnikov could have undermined the good work the team did to bring a quality service weapon to IDF. Might have irritated the Soviet Union too, and despite that being his name sometimes that doesn’t matter.

Like the AR, the Galil hasn’t been left stagnant. The Galil ACE brought a 21st Century standard to the rifle and the ACE Gen II pushes that right to the limits again with a floated barrel and longer M-LOK handguard.

The ACE was, at one time, on the expensive end of AKs. The market has gone weird recently though and now its sitting solidly middle ground. Simply by virtue of its price remaining rather steady its value in the space has skyrocketed.

Markets are weird.

The modern ACE, especially in 5.56 NATO, is what you should look at if A.) You want a NATO caliber. B.) You, like all of us, are swimming in STANAG magazines. It still holds splendidly up in the comm-bloc calibers too, although the lack of bolt catch/release ergonomically slows it a small amount.

The ACE (I & II) is one of those first choice ‘alternative’ rifles that should actually be playing more in the first choice category. What’s an ‘alt’ rifle? One you buy when you don’t want another AR but you want the gun to be at that high performance envelope.

It’s ergonomics, especially on the two NATO variants, are nearly what modern day ambidextrous AR-15/18 and AR10/SR25 types are sporting.

Digging further, they’re reliable, accurate, thoughtfully designed muzzle to stock, and the 7.62 NATO variant weighs in only 6oz heavier than the FN SCAR 17s. Funny enough on that point, the 7.62 NATO is the lightest listed of the 4 ACE Gen II line.

They hold an ergonomic and ancillary edge over their AK progenitors too, able to be run a little faster thanks to improved controls and take and hold zero with optics. AK-12 we have at home is actually best AK-12.

Anyway, the video is Micah, who you probably recognize from Garand Thumbs channel as he works with Mike Jones there. Enjoy his shenanigans, give him a like and follow, and I’ll see you all tomorrow for Gunday Brunch.

Keith Finch
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