I don’t know what is happening… but the opening was neat.

I believe this video is the result of a lost bet between Mike Jones and Brandon Herrera.

I haven’t watched it all the way through yet, so we are going on this adventure together.

First, some terms… well ‘a’ term.

Giga-Chad – for those not on the internet linguists guide of excellence, a ‘Chad’ is considered a man of dominant and superior qualities. They do things better or in a more superior manner. This contrasts with the ‘Kyle’ stereotype. The ‘Kyle’ is a violent low-intellectual brute, usually depicted punching a wall and drinking monster energy drinks.

A ‘Chad’ move is something well done, of successful dominate energy, or other highly positive aggressive traits. A ‘Kyle’ is a poser, someone who wants to be viewed as a Chad but is too stupid, immature, and reckless to be one.

The ‘Chad’ is a Grand Master in a shooting division, has a respectable background and speaks knowledgeably in their fields. Knows what they know, knows what they don’t know, and is clear on their levels of experience on a subject matter.

The ‘Kyle’ is the kid who couldn’t join the military because, “I’d totally just punch a drill instructor in the face, bruh..”

Now, Giga is a measurement both in computing and in measurement. In measurement it is a 10 to the 9th power, a 1 billion factor, and in computing it is the 30th power of 2, which accurately is just over a 1 billion factor. What it means is huge, colossal, or immense.

So a Giga-Chad is a Chad, positively associated powerful and/or aggressive person or action, multiplied to a billionth power factor.

In short, impressive in some way, shape, or form.

This is the internet in 2022, I just wrote the above in a serious format for educational purposes… my job is odd sometimes.

So the Giga-Chad Mosin is a Mosin-Nagant rifle kitted to so ludicrous a level that it becomes awesome in its own right. Practical? Not a chance. It is the sheer combination of awesome absurdity that makes things like this fun. It’s like being incredi-bad, so atrociously, awfully, and impractically wrong that there ends up being something gloriously right about a thing.

So click play and enjoy! I will.

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