How the AR-15 works.. to AK folk

Brandon attempts to explain the magic of the AR-15 to a contrarian internet. The funny part about how the AR-15 is both a piston and not a piston rifle depending upon how pedantic you want to be. We’re half way through the week. Smile. Have a little fun for a few.

The devil is in the details, the Direct Gas/Direct Impingement system feeds has to the bolt. That’s what differentiates it from the conventional pistons, both long and short, that vent the gas near the gas block. Honestly, if you call a DI AR ‘well actually it’s a piston’ I just know you watch Forgotten Weapons.

You should continue to watch Forgotten Weapons. But perhaps we should dial back on situations where we know what people are talking about. I’ll say magazine, if they keep saying clip it is no skin off my nose. I’ll say DI or Gas AR and someone else can say ‘technically a piston’ and sure, I will still refer to them as DI or gas because that is the common parlance of the base operating system.

Below is an excellent animation on how the AR-15 works in a more academic commentary.

Keith Finch
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