Holosun at SHOT Show 2022

I took a look at some new releases from Holosun including the SCS (Solar Charging Sight), EPS and EPS Carry (Enclosed Emitter Pistol), the RML (Rail Mounted Laser), and the PID (Positive Identification).

The Product

The SCS, Solar Charging Sight

Luis Chirino from Holosun states this, “We would like to introduce the SCS (Solar Charging Sight). This product brings the next level of our Solar Failsafe system to the red dot user. Being an auto-adjusting only system, it uses multiple sensors to be able to accurately adjust the brightness level of the reticle to the correct setting, even when using flashlights! Furthermore, the system does not require the user to replace batteries. It uses the ambient light not only to power itself, but maintains charge to an internal battery for when low-light situations arise. All this is uniquely fitted in an ultra low system that is not only compatible with standard height BUIS, but is uniquely shaped to direct fit to an existing manufacturer’s slide profile and still offer features you expect from Holosun such as M.R.S. (Multi Reticle System) in a Grade 5 titanium housing.
As pictured, this model was made specific to interface with the Glock MOS slide profile.”

Large Takeaways

The Auto Adjust

Due to this sight having two sensors, taking light from both the front of the sight and the rear, the auto adjust is said to be “the best auto adjust system” by a big player in the industry, I won’t say the name. This can be important when using flashlights or room entry scenarios going from a dark room to a lit.

The Height Over Bore/Housing

Due to the housing being made to direct fit, it offers a very low height over bore allowing you to run your standard sights. Also since there is no removal battery, that removes the need for a plate and larger housing features. You will need to order it specific to the firearm that you are running. I will be excited to see how the mounting system holds up to recoil.

The Battery

The battery on this is an internal factory battery that only Holosun can remove and service. The main power will be derived from the solar calculator powering the battery inside. This will both power the system and charge the battery for when low-light operations are at hand. Due to this system not having shake awake and only a hard shut off method, Holosun states that if left on the power from the battery can run up to two years straight.

Lack of Controls

This sight really takes all of the “extras” out. Due to only having one manual button there isn’t a lot of thinking needed to function the system. This button, the small yellow button on the left side of the optic, changes both the reticle (2MOA dot and 32MOA circle with 2MOA dot) and allows for hard shut off. One thing that was noticed on these SHOT models is that the button varied in how deeply set/proud it was dependent on the slide that it was mounted on.

The Product

The EPS and EPS Carry (Enclosed Pistol Sight)

From Holosun, “The new EPS (Enclosed Pistol Sight) and EPS Carry offer the benefits of a fully-enclosed optic like Holosun509T series, but on our popular K footprint with zero distortion. This now gives the user more options for a fully enclosed optic on both Full-Sized pistols and now Slim-Line pistols that are all the rage! The EPS and EPS Carry will offer features such as IPX8 waterproof rating, Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, a generous 6MOA dot reticle, and the lowest deck height which facilitates the use of standard height iron sights on many pistol models.” The reticle options are in both red and green.

Finally, a closed emitter for your small carry guns. Carry guns are often subject to sweat and nastiness due to being right on your stomach so the fact that we can now wipe away with no worry of distorting or damaging the sight, life is good.

Large Takeaways


The footprint on the EPS Carry will be the same as the 407k footprint, which I currently have direct mounted on my SIG P365 so this was exciting to see as it will be an easy swap.


The height on the EPS and EPS Carry are the same height.

The Release

They’re looking at this releasing as soon as March or April DEPENDENT ON RECIEVING THE RESOURCES.

EPS (left) next to 407K (right)
Same height on both EPS and EPS Carry

The Products

RML, Rail Mounted Laser and PID, Holosun Positive Identification

Large Takeaways

These are still newer products so I will just scramble together what I got from them. The PID has an aluminum housing. It will be 1000 lumens on high power and 500 on low and has a USB-C charging port on the underside of the light allowing charging without removal (YAY). Retailing around 120 dollars. As far as holsters the PID is small and slimmer than a X300 or TLR which allows it to fit into your duty holster already such as a Safariland.


The RML, rail mounted laser, has a polymer housing and has been shock tested by holosun. The adjustments are 4 MOA for each click and it does indeed have the positive click adjustments ensuring that you don’t miss your mark. The buttons are very different due to being recessed, so just be aware of that dependent on how you manipulate your laser.


The future? Supposedly, Holosun is looking at putting a laser INSIDE their PID. Meaning no baby bump. This was a new term for me. So instead of the laser being attached to the light on the underside, (baby bump) affecting space usage and holsters, the laser will be inside the same body of the light.

Anna Martinez
Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.