Has Science Gone Too Far…

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Answer: Absolutely not, this thing is awesome!

Crye Precision has apparently filed a patent for a pistol grip fed PDW type SBR/Pistol design along the lines of an MP7. The Kicker? It’s a 300 Blackout.

Crye’s patent US 11105574 B1, covers a hypothetical rifle-caliber PDW conceived to provide advantages over current existing layouts.TFB

As you can see in the title image, the magazine design tilts the rounds (similar to how some .22’s stack their ammunition) in order to reduce the grip circumference. The angle then aligns the rounds properly inside the weapon for conventional feeding. It’s a simple elegant solution to the problem of making a rifle caliber a grip feed design, something that up until now was the purview of shorter bodied rounds only.

The 300 BLK was designed to perform in small weapons. The Q Honey Badger and the Sig Rattler designs (some in DoD and foreign service) are testaments to the efficacy of the micro carbine concept. But conventional rifle layouts and bullpup layouts still eat up far more space than the most compact grip fed systems.

This new Crye “MP-BLK” (for lack of an official title) is the most space efficient use of the 300 BLK I have yet seen. Unlike 5.56mm, weapons where the short end sweet spot is 11.5″ of barrel, the super compact form allowed by a .300BLK while retaining high enough performance out of the round makes this an incredibly cool concept.

I don’t mind at all that it tosses a little shade at the Germans for denying us our MP7 either.

Keith Finch
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