Another full orbit around the giant shinny heat ball.

We’ve had a rough few years now between the pandemic, politics, and a land war in Eastern Europe all taking international attention and effort.

Here at home we saw the results of the pandemic measures crunch the economy, trigger migrations, spike inflation, and all sorts of wonderful stress inducing events.

But it hasn’t all been bad news.

The Supreme Court ruled on Bruen, heavily in favor of 2nd Amendment rights and the ripple effects of that decision are going to be cracking cases open for years to come. States have panic and protest passed legislation that is highly unlikely to survive Bruen’s standard for scrutiny.

Seethe and cope, Anti’s, seethe and cope.

2023 comes with a lot of uncertainties, but that’s nothing new from every year we’ve been through previously. We don’t know what will happen but we can work it out.

Despite Joe and Co. in the White House, the House of Representatives is going to gridlock and serious anti-gun legislation handily and the only card the Democrats can keep playing is the ‘we’re trying, stupid Republicans blah blah blah’ and from what I’ve seen coming from the anti-gun bases, that trick is getting old.

Bruen is a mighty hammer that may finally see the dismantling of the statist and stupid legal power dynamics that allowed ‘Assault Weapon’ bans and ‘High Capacity’ magazine bans to linger in their fetid states of being for this long. We might see some sanity return the the gun debate because the legislatures will have to use evidence instead of playing the ‘in the interest of the state’ card to justify keeping bad policy in place. ‘Interest of the State’ has been nothing but a cry of ‘It’s supposed to be a good thing, it isn’t working but it is supposed to’ in order to defend crap policy.

I want to see those policies die. I want to see them buried in shallow graves with headstones reading ‘they tried, badly but they tried’ over top of them. I want to see the demise of the ‘moralistic’ policy that always seems to cause far more harm than good, I want to see those policies replaced with ones that have at least the barest passable logic tree run on their intended and unintended consequences.

But most of all in 23, I just want to see everyone chill out a little. Relax. Touch the grass. Eat a snack. Work on the projects you can solve and help influence. Just relax, things are getting better as long as we’re working on them to be.

Keith Finch
Keith is the Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. editor@gatdaily.com A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. A Certified Instructor since 2009, he has taught concealed weapons courses in the West Michigan area in the years since and continues to pursue training and teaching opportunities as they arise.