Gunday Brunch 64: There’s Never Been A Better Time for 5.56 Fans

We’re in a golden era of 5.56 rifles, and not just AR15s. Everything is good!*

*(almost… almost everything)

Seriously though, you have to go rather out of your way to ignore good advice and good buying habits completely to end up with a junk rifle these days. Will you get a better rifle by spending more? Usually, but even as you decide on a make/model or makes/models that you’re willing to pick up go hunt for a good price. I’m not saying quibble over $20 but there could be a $200 price swing between someone selling at or above MSRP and someone else who is comfortable moving them at MAP.

I found a screaming deal on a “used” unfired LWRCi M6-SPR. Deals exist if you can be patient and keep-a-lookout.

Snagged for $60 less than a new M6IC-DI, which generally cost around $500-$800 less than the piston guns.
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