Boost Your Glock 48 Barrel Performance with Faxon

Glock 48 owners seeking enhanced accuracy and performance can now upgrade their firearms with Faxon’s precision-engineered Match Series barrels. Let’s discuss the benefits of upgrading and determine whether investing in a Faxon barrel is truly worthwhile.

Faxon Match Series: Precision Engineered for Glock G48

Faxon has meticulously designed the Match Series pistol barrels for the Glock G48, using stress-relieved 416-R stainless steel and in-house machining. The barrels are coated with either black Nitride or PVD to improve lubricity, barrel life, and surface wear resistance.

Glock 48 Barrel

Featuring conventional rifling, these barrels accommodate a wider variety of ammunition, including cast lead. They fit seamlessly into factory-spec slides without requiring a gunsmith for installation. Faxon barrels ensure a more consistent and tighter lockup than OEM barrels due to their better-than-factory tolerances.

Glock 48 Barrel Specifications:

  • Handgun Type: Glock G48
  • Barrel Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Material: Stress Relieved 416-R Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Twist: 1:10
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2X28
  • Crown: 11-degree Target Crown
  • Rifling Type: Conventional

Advantages of the Faxon Glock 48 Barrel

Improved Accuracy

The Faxon Match Series Glock 48 barrels offer superior accuracy compared to stock Glock 48 barrels, thanks to its 1:10 traditional rifling, smoother and more consistent bore, and 11-degree target crown.

An 11-degree target crown provides a flatter surface area for gases to dissipate more quickly and evenly, ensuring minimal disturbance to the bullet’s flight. As a result, at 25 yards, groups can be ¼ inch to 2 inches tighter with a match-grade barrel.

Increased Reliability

The optimized chamber in the Faxon barrel ensures reliable feeding and extraction, minimizing the chances of malfunction, especially in high-stress situations.

Better Recoil Management

Faxon Match Series barrels help reduce recoil, enabling faster and more accurate follow-up shots. This is beneficial for competitive shooters or those looking to improve shooting speed and accuracy.

Customizable Options

Faxon Match Series barrels are available in various finishes, lengths, and threading options. Their threaded barrel option allows for the attachment of suppressors or compensators, further enhancing versatility.

Glock 48 Barrel

Faxon also offers the EXOS compensator, designed to work seamlessly with their threaded barrels.

Stock Glock Barresl vs. Faxon Match Series Glock 48 Barrel

While the stock Glock barrel is a reliable option, the Faxon Match Series Glock 48 barrel offers superior performance in accuracy, reliability, and recoil management. However, it comes at a higher cost.

For serious shooters looking to enhance their Glock 48 barrel performance and willing to invest a bit extra, Faxon barrels are worth considering. 

Glock 48 Barrel

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