Gemtech® Releases New GVACTM Upper  Receiver Group 

SPRINGFIELD, MA., (1/16/2023) – 

Gemtech®, a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry, is proud to introduce the mid-length GVACTM Upper Receiver Group. The Gemtech GVAC is a complete upper assembly optimized for suppressed shooting. With its patented design, the GVAC barrel and gas system significantly  reduces gas blowback and mitigates recoil in order to enhance the shooting experience and  maximize performance. Its newly designed 16.1-inch barrel profile transfers weight back toward  the chamber to improve control and is fitted for Gemtech’s proprietary flash hider, the ETMTM (Elite Taper Mount), which provides precise alignment and helps resist carbon lock. 

The GVAC has a self-regulating Direct-Impingement system that includes an additional  chamber to collect and counter the gases that can add recoil when shooting suppressed. The assembly is protected inside a 15-inch lightweight handguard that features a Picatinny top rail  and 7-sided M-LOK® channels for the use of compatible accessories. 

Redefine suppressed shooting with the Gemtech® GVACTM

MSRP: $839.00 To stay up to date on products and news, visit the newly designed Gemtech website: GEMTECH  Suppressors

What’s the trick?

It looks like, and I have no confirmation, but it looks like they’re using a take on the trick that high velocity tank cannons use to avoid gassing their crew. The gas trap is a really ingenious trick of physics that just generally hasn’t been applied on the micro scale of the rifle.


Keith Finch
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