Garand Thumb, Now on VHS for Your Home

I’m still writing my review of the Hellion up, and I want to shoot one more course with it here in a couple weeks, but Mike Jones is done with his.

In typical GT fashion Mike goes through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the rifle and his points of criticism mirror several of my own. Including, but not limited to, the fact that everyone in the industry is very quick to call this rifle the VHS-2 far more often than the “Hellion” when discussing the weapon.

It is Monday folks. Enjoy. I’m out to Sig’s Freedom Days this weekend to see what the NGSW’d XM5 and XM 250 are all about. Plus its warm in Arizona I hear, not this pseudo-warm that is more accurately just “not cold” that we’re getting here in Michigan.

I’ll cover it more so in my write-up, but I did shoot the Hellion suppressed at GSL’s HQ with one of their demo 5.56 cans. It did not exhibit any of the chamber flash that Tim Harmsen (Military Arms Channel) was seeing on his rifles. Two types of 55gr ball shot, one of them the extra hot IMI. If it was going to flash back I think that would have done it, but it may be that wasn’t the variable that produced the effect.

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