From Panzer to Panther – Germany Taking Lead in Main Battle Tank Design

I don’t go bigger than small arms here often, for obvious reasons, but the new Panther Tank is freakin’ sweet.

Rheinmetall has debuted its new KF51 Panther at Eurosatory 2022. The latest member of Rheinmetall’s family of tracked vehicles (KF is short for “Kettenfahrzeug”, i.e., tracked vehicle), the KF51 Panther is destined to be a game changer on the battlefields of the future. The main battle tank concept sets new standards in all areas – lethality, protection, reconnaissance, networking and mobility. – Matsimus

Contrary to what some have suggested out of Russia’s performance, the Main Battle Tank is far from obsolete and is set to remain part of combined arms doctrine for the foreseeable future. The Russians have just sucked at combined arms. The Rheinmetall KF51 is looking at setting a true 21st Century standard for MBTs where current projects like the M1A3 are upgrade packages.

If Rheinmetall sounds familiar, they designed the Abrams main 120mm gun. They gave this new tank 10mm more. They are a serious armor company.

Keith Finch
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