Frequent Traveler? Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a lightweight and inexpensive option that keep your clothes organized, less wrinkly, and make packing and unpacking quick and easy.

The idea of using cubes for packing seemed very OCD and over organizational when first hearing about it from some industry guys that go to A LOT of trade shows. Turns out, it makes packing and unpacking a breeze, all while keeping your things organized while in the hotel.

Packing cubes are used as a way to stuff your shirts in one, pants in another and so forth without taking up space in your luggage or adding weight. The cubes also are very inexpensive usually costing around 30 bucks for a set of 3. Not only does this help with packing and unpacking as everything is already organized to be put away, it also acts as sort of a dresser when you’re actually in the hotel.

The cubes are essentially a thin, very lightweight, usually made from nylon bag that has has some material structure to hold up a square shape and make packing rolled clothing easier. They zip, often have a handle on them, and come in multiple sizes. Many different brands have now started offering packing cubes however the best have been found from searching online on the Facebook group Carryology. (That group is my go to when it comes to purchasing a bag like product..)


Ultralight Packing Cube Set $38.00


  • Convenient grab handle
  • Zipper secures contents
  • Small – 61 IN3 / 1 L 7.5H X 5W X 2D IN.
  • Medium -122 IN3 / 2 L 10H X 7W X 2D IN.
  • Large – 305 IN3 / 5 L 14H X 10W X 2D IN.

Peak Designs

Said to be “the standard” on Carryology, Peak Designs offers 3 for $85.00. Also keep an eye out on and Ebay for preowned that still pass the quality test to snag a deal.

Comes in Small, Medium, and Shoe Pouch Sizes.

  1. Ultralight 100% recycled weatherproof ripstop 70D nylon/poly shell with abrasion-resistant coating
  2. Fabric is solution-dyed for significant reduction in water use
  3. Raw color way is undyed for additional water and energy savings
  4. Super-durable UltraZips with abrasion-resistant UHMPE thread


$44.95 for a pack of 3.


  •  Made of light, strong ripstop nylon with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish
  •  Mesh on top lets you see what’s inside and lets your stuff breathe
  •  Top and side handles make opening, closing and expanding the cube quick and easy
  •  Expansion zipper lets you adjust size from 3.5 liters up to 6 liters (small); 8.5 liters up to 13 liters (medium); and from 14 liters up to 21 liters (large)
  •  Product meets the bluesign® criteria, the world’s leading system for managing the environmental and human health impacts of textile manufacturing

Eagle Creek

$29.95 for a set of three.


  • The Pack-It™ Reveal Cube Set XS/S/M includes:
  • Made with a durable 300D Poly fabric that is both washable and water-resistant
  • Top carry handle for ease of access
  • Self-repairing #5 zippers featuring climbing rope inspired cord pullers
  • All main body fabrics are 100% post-consumer recycled and bluesign® certified
  • Covered by Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Warranty
  • When you buy these items as a set (not individually) you save almost 10%. There’s never been a better excuse to upgrade your favorite go-to travel besties.
  • Reveal cubes offer some material structure for optimal packing access (particularly if you’re a folder and stacker)
  • Large mesh window makes it easy to see what’s packed inside


Comes in Full for larger sizes, 10L and 20L and smaller sizes they come in Flat in 5L and 10L. $20-$30 each size dependant.

Specs + Materials

  • 5L Flat Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 3″
  • 10L Flat Dimensions: 15″ x 10″ x 3″
  • 10L Full Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 6.5″
  • 10L Full Compartment Dimensions: 10″ x  8″ x 2.75″
  • 20L Full Dimensions: 15″ x 10″ x 6.5″
  • 20L Full Compartment Dimensions: 15″ x 10.25″  x 2.75″ 


  • Sturdy and light 200D Nylon keeps belongings safe 
  • Packs down to nothing when not in use
  • Zippered mesh interior for easy organization

From the Author

This is what 8 days in Switzerland looks like. Packing in a Osprey 65L Fairview Wheeled luggage, I used 6 Osprey Packing cubes, 2 sets of small, medium, and large. I then had my makeup bag, bathroom bag, and shoes tucked in separate. This is my first time using packing cubes and it isn’t a joke, I was able to stay organized the entire trip while staying in three different locations. Usually my clothes are just thrown around but I actually was able to keep them separated into groups throughout the trip. I kept one packing cube empty for dirty clothes and the other cubes I rolled my clothing. One cube for pants, one for shirts, one for underwear and bras, and another for dresses.

Anna Martinez
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