Franklin Armory – Title 1 Suit

Mass Action Lawsuit Against the California Department of Justice Over Its Refusal to Process Legal Sales of the Franklin Armory® Title 1® Firearm is Underway

Franklin Armory® goes to great lengths and expense to bring quality products to market that people want. Franklin Armory® has designed, developed, and begun the manufacture of a new firearm — The Title 1® — that is California compliant but is neither a rifle, shotgun, nor pistol. Franklin Armory® has, and will continue lawfully taking preorders from buyers in the state.

Tens of thousands of Californians have already placed deposits on the Title 1® firearm so they could get one as soon as they become available. Franklin Armory® has made it a priority to deliver on these pre-orders to their customers – but we can’t – because CADOJ is unlawfully refusing to process the requisite paperwork.

In response to this inaction, the law firm of Michel and Associates, PC is preparing a Mass Action Lawsuit to represent those persons whom CADOJ has prevented from lawfully acquiring their firearm. If you have made a deposit and are unable to receive your firearm(s) because of defects in the CADOJ designed and maintained Dealer Record of Sale Entry System, you should consider joining this lawsuit. There are no fees or costs involved for participants.

Even though the possession of Title 1® does not violate California law, CADOJ has deliberately refused to process sales of the Title 1®. As a result, Franklin Armory® retailers cannot transfer Title 1® firearms to consumers because licensed dealers cannot submit their sales applications to CADOJ online. The state-mandated system, Dealer Record of Sale Entry System (“DES”,) does not allow for the transfer of certain firearms that do not meet the limited predefined identifiers in the DES System. It is an easy technical fix, but CADOJ has deliberately delayed the simple technical correction to allow this product to be sold.

The sale of Title 1® firearms are being blocked by biased CADOJ bureaucrats. CADOJ was made aware last year of the need to add an “other” category to facilitate Title 1® sales but refused to take this step. This technological barrier prevents licensed firearm dealers from proceeding with a sale, transfer, loan, or submission of information to the CADOJ. The actual effect is that California firearm dealers cannot accurately submit the necessary information to the CADOJ for processing.

This, we believe, constitutes a violation of the CADOJ’s duty to accept and process all firearm applications and a violation of each purchaser’s due process rights. On behalf of the tens-of-thousands of people who put a deposit down to purchase the Title 1®, this lawsuit seeks to declare CADOJ’s conduct unlawful and to compel CADOJ and its agents to fulfill its obligations and process all Title 1® purchases that were made prior to any subsequent prohibitions, restrictions, and/or limitations.

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Keith Finch
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