FN Commentary… and the FN Tac 3 – Colion Noir

It’s Friday, so I’ll let it be an FN Friday and share a video review on the FN Tac 3.

But mostly I want to share the commentary on FN that Colion delivers in the beginning. Because it is spot on. FN was a company that seemed to forget that they made AR-15’s, and like.. good ones when they put their mind to it. The Tactical Carbine variations were fine rifles that nobody knew about.

I only knew about them when I found them listed, I found them when I was looking up information on the much better known Military Collector series. I was looking up their old GWOT retro stuff and found they make a much newer AR-15.

Wild. You should talk about that more!

*Talks about NRCH SCAR*

Or, you could talk about those because those are cool too.

Seriously though, FN has a strong AR-15 game that gets quietly passed over because the SCAR is the effin’ FN SCAR, the handguns are rock solid, and the GWOT nostalgia for front sights and KAC rails is real. Which is fine. I love my modded M16A4. But off the shelf, M-LOK’d and floated, ambidextrous guns are certainly the current production direction.

Enjoy your Friday readers! (or hope enjoyed if you read this later)

Keith Finch
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