The SAINT Pistol packs in all the features you need, and nothing you don’t — and all for $849.

This week, we take a look at the new SAINT Pistol. This model hearkens back to the original SAINT carbine model, and the DNA shared between the two is pretty obvious. And like the original carbine, the new SAINT Pistol sends a simple message — everything you need, nothing you don’t.

The Details

An all-new Trinity Force Breach Brace cover the forearm brace needs, and meets ATF requirements for pistol classification. Minimalist in design, this brace is simple, straightforward and effective. The brace is adjustable via two allen head screws, and it locks up like a bank vault when secured. The BCMGunfighter Mod.3 pistol grip will feel familiar to SAINT owners, as will the enhanced nickel boron coated trigger.

Springfield Armory SAINT pistol in 5.56 returns to the roots of the saint line with an affordable no nonsense pistol.
The SAINT Pistol features a 9.6″ barrel that offers good ballistics while still being short and compact.

The handguard is another BCM fan favorite, the PMCR polymer handguard that’s exclusive to the SAINT Pistol and features M-LOK slots. It includes heat shielding for extended range sessions, or in case you really need to party in a defensive situation. The barrel is 9.6″, a pretty optimal length for a pistol. Fully Melonite coated with a 1:8 twist, durability and long-life are a given. And rounding out the package is a pinned gas block, with a Picatinny top for irons or other accessories.

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