Factor Cossatot 1000 and 1000XL Flashlight Review

It does not get much more tactical than all the lumens. Unfortunately, flashlights and knives often take a back seat to fancy guns in IG pocket dumps, but they take the forefront in everyday usage.

When I look at flashlights, I typically categorize them into 3 categories for EDC. Tactical weapon lights, pocket carry low lumen utility lights, and heavier duty outdoor lights. The Cossatot 1000 & 1000XL both fit into all 3.

The body is corrosion resistant, military-grade, CNC machined, aircraft-quality Type III hard anodized aluminum alloy with a CREE XP-L LED that emits up to 1000 lumens. It is waterproof to 2 meters for 30 minutes, so it’s well suited to handle inclement weather though not a divers light.

Lots comes with this light out of the package.
Lots comes with this light out of the package.

The light has 5 modes: Blast, High, Med, Low and Strobe and they are activated in that order via the tail switch. I’m not usually a fan of advanced programmed lights with tons of options, but Factor thought about this and forces the light to always power on in blast mode since it is designed for law enforcement and tactical operations.

1000 Lumens in a small light is a lot. The Cossatot is not much larger than the surefire scout and offers an additional 400 lumens at a lower price point. When combined with the long life associated with an 18650 battery you can get 130 hours of run time on the low setting, and 50 minutes on blast.

Most importantly there is no tomfoolery around the tail cap activation switch. Too many “tactical” flashlights put a bezel on the tail cap making it hard to actuate the button with gloves or in tense situations. The Factor Cossatot is very easy to actuate to click on/off or momentary pressure activated.

The Costsatot is a hybrid of rechargeable or disposable batteries. It has a built-in charging system powered by a micro USB, which charges the included 18650 battery (typical for e-cigarettes). The battery is easily removable and can be replaced with a new battery once the battery cycle has reached its life expectancy or can be loaded with 2 CR123 batteries in clutch situations.

Small but powerful.
Small but powerful.

It is at the top end of size for EDC IMHO but still doable especially if you intend to use it as the weapon light. In a bug out bag, in your car or laptop bag, it fits in perfectly. I have been keeping the 1000 in my laptop bag and the XL in my car. They have already come in handy when a friend lots a set of keys down by the beach at night. You really need to see 1,000 lumens to appreciate it.

You can buy yours direct from Factor via their website. Here: https://www.factorequipment.com/product/flashlights/tactical-flashlights/cossatot-1000-xl-tactical-flashlight/ The Cassatot retails for $79.99, and the XL is $89.99.

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