Executive Order: No More “Ghost Guns”

Joe Biden

The White House, on the urging of Senator Richard Blumenthal, is considering taking executive action to ban the transfer of “Ghost Guns” or those items that cooler heads know as DIY and 80%. A Ghost Gun Executive Order could potentially shutter the DIY firearms industry with the stroke of a pen.

But it shouldn’t take lawsuits to force the government to embrace common sense and craft regulations that reflect Congress’ intent. Selling gun parts as a do-it-yourself kit is so close to selling the gun itself, the government should regulate the kits as firearms, including requiring serial numbers and background checks for customers.

Less likely to happen in these fractious political times is Congress addressing the issue as part of a package of reforms that would ban assault-style weapons, require universal background checks for every transfer of a firearm, close the “Charleston loophole” that allows a firearm sale to proceed if the FBI doesn’t finish a background check within three days, and take other common sense steps toward making society safer.

But it shouldn’t be that hard for the Biden administration’s ATF to review its regulatory position on receivers and frames, and close the ghost gun loophole. –LA Times

I just published, The War on DIY Firearms. I detail the systematic attack on, and scapegoating of, non-serialized home built firearms and the real scale of the problem. In short, the scale is “They are handguns in criminal hands, like the all other ones. They just aren’t on a dusty 4473 somewhere.”

That, of course, does not matter to the White House and the Biden Administration. While Biden is making noises that he would prefer Congress to act, gun control groups who backed his win to the White House are calling their check due. The media attacks and noises from gun control groups, fueling the controversy of non-serialized DIY firearms, makes them the logical ‘low hanging fruit’ to push executive action against, to please and appease the displeased demanding moms and mayors.

Joe Biden is considering regulating so-called ghost guns as part of his firearms safety policies but some progressives are upset the president hasn’t done enough in his first month in office.

Biden has signed several executive orders since taking office but gun policy hasn’t been a part of them.

Now the president is considering executive action that would require buyers of ‘ghost guns’ – homemade or makeshift firearms that lack serial numbers – to undergo background checks, three people who have spoken to the White House told Politico. – DailyMail UK

polyer80 frames from rockeybrass may come under executive order attack from the Biden administration

The lawsuits that have been filed by Washington D.C. and Los Angeles would gain Federal Executive teeth instantly, if the White House moves in this direction. Even if the order is later overturned, the DIY industry could be crippled and Polymer80 DIY firearms could be gone. An order could include an immediate cease & desist of sale and a destruction of current inventories, both similar to the actions taken against bumpstocks that were still left on retail shelves.

The Polymer80 is in that same ‘boogieman’ position that the bumpstock was, it has been set up to take the same fall… if they can pull it off. They are assuredly the most logical target to start the push and allow Biden to prove he was “serious” about moving against guns in a strong manner.

We will update as more comes. Nothing has yet been signed but, like with bumpstocks, that will be too late.

Keith Finch
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