EVERY DAY CARRY IN NORMAL STREET CLOTHES: It’s possible to carry effectively and still dress well

This week I’m starting a new series, going through my actual carry setups in various levels attire. I wanted to touch on this for a couple of reasons:

1) The folks out there in the style & fashion space that try to address concealed carry give “tips” and “advice that, while well intentioned, don’t actually hold up to the realities of a defensive confrontation.

2) Many folks in the “tactical” space either just dismiss it with “dress around the gun” cringe or don’t see any value/importance on dressing well, so the thinking is so gear centric as to be limiting to those with actual dress codes or other wardrobe requirements. I’m starting off with what’s closest to my actual everyday reality.

This is one of my more casual go-to options, and I’m still able to carry all the necessary tools. Here’s the overall breakdown:

– Sunglasses: @persol 714s

– Pistol: @glockinc 19 with a @taudevgroup Striker Control Device and a @swampfoxoptics Liberty MRO

– Holster: @darkstargear Orion with Dark Wing, Muzzle Pad and @discreetcarryconcepts MOD2.1 clips

– Pepper Spray: @pompepperspray

– Sap: @bostonleather1928 Midget

– Flashlight: @modlitesystems PLH-V2 18350 configuration with a @ravenconcealment pocket clip

– Knife: @shivworks Clinch Pick in a @keepers_concealment Clipper sheath (discontinued)

– Wallet: @grip6 with optional finger ring

– IFAK: @atlasgroupnw Ankle IFAK with @tadmed_solutions SOF-T Wide & @official_quikclot hemostatic gauze

– Polo: @calvinklein Liquid Touch slim fit polo

– Pants: @duluthtradingcompany slim fit 5-pocket firehose pants

– Belt: @slidebelt

The Suited Shootist
Alex Sansone took his first formal pistol class in 2009, and has since accumulated almost 500 total hours of open enrollment training from many of the nation's top instructors including Massad Ayoob, Craig Douglas, Tom Givens, Gabe White, Cecil Burch, Chuck Haggard, Darryl Bolke, and many others. Spending his professional life in the corporate world, Alex quickly realized incongruities between "best practices" in the defensive world, and the practical realities of his professional and social limitations. "I've never carried a gun professionally. I'm just a yuppie suburbanite that happens to live an armed lifestyle. Having worked in the corporate arena for the last decade, I've discovered that a lot of the "requirements" and norms of gun carriers at large aren't necessarily compatible with that professional environment. I also have a pretty diverse social background, having grown up in the Northeast, and there are many people in my life that are either gun-agnostic or uncomfortable with the idea of private gun ownership. This has afforded me not only insights into how we are perceived by different subcultures, but how to manage and interact with people that may not share your point of view without coming across as combative or antisocial. This is why my focus is the overlooked social aspects of the armed lifestyle."