Drums… Drums in the Deep – Magpul is Shipping the 9’s

With supply chain issues choking some product parts into a ‘who knows when *shrug*’ shipping and finishing status on more than one site, seeing these finally hit the market is welcome.

If feeding the 9mm’s gets easier that would be nice too. But the ammo market it what it is for the moment.

Magpul has added three Drum Magazines to their lineup. One exceptionally welcome one for the MP5 crowd, and two supporting Glock and Glock pattern markets.

“Keith!?” You may ask, “What is the reason for the Glock and ‘Glock Pattern’?”

Well, inquiring strawfolk, one is designed for PCC types that take Glock pattern magazines but don’t need the full Glock grip length for any reason, and the other is for Glock pattern pistols. The PCC’s can take advantage of keeping the magazine closer to the firearm body in conjunction with guns like the APC9 Pro or Aero EPC, they don’t need to be Glock 17 length in order to use the magazine lock-up. This means a shooter can get lower with the magazine in and there is unsupported magazine body open to strain or impact damage should it hit something.


But for firearms that do use the whole whole 17 grip length, the longer Glock pistol GL9-GLOCK gives you the same capacity.

Nicely done Magpul, I know there were some commentary that the Glock compatible mags weren’t compatible with actual Glocks when the PCC was announced. Logical fix.

Check them out.

Also, bonus points to anyone who got the title’s movie reference origins. You are all cool people and should be proud. May you see many delightful and funny memes today, lunch be delicious, and that you get to pet a suitably adorable animal. You’ve earned it.

For those of you still in the dark, it’s a shout out to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy (which is 20 years old by the way, so we’ve got that going for us… oof) and Gandalf’s reading the final entry of the account of the expedition in Moria. Then they get chased by Goblins and Gandalf steals all the Balrog XP by 1v1ing it. Good times.

Keith Finch
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