Dirt Squirrel

I don’t know why it is named the Dirt Squirrel. Frankly I don’t care that much either, I just laughed and clicked on the video.

The 9-Hole crew put together an 8″ 300 BLK Palmetto State Armory and takes it to the practical accuracy challenge with some Sig Sauer 125gr.

Watch for yourselves guys and give the a follow while you’re at it but the short answer is it doesn’t do too shabby for such a low cost gun. There is some talk in the video of an issue they had that they don’t get into detail but even accounting for a part failure and getting a replacement the gun did alright.

The most interesting datapoint is the visible rapid fall off of the 300 BLK, especially as it passes the 300 yard mark. The hold over needed for hits at those ranges is extreme and it illustrates just how much the window of a round’s ‘practical’ trajectory matters.

Practical trajectory?

Yes, the distance which a rounds trajectory keeps it within about 30″ of vertical travel, or a torso, so that point of aim has a high likelihood of generating a point of useable impact. An MP5 for example as about 200 yards. Mid velocity rifles like the 7.62 AK, 300 BLK, and 30 Carbine have about 300 yards. High velocity rifles can stretch it a bit further because the round is reaching further in the given time. Gravity is gravity and bullets are all falling at the same speed. Faster will get you a further practical trajectory given similar conditions.

Keith Finch
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