DEZ Tactical Arms

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DEZ Tactical Arms is our choice for AR-15’s .308’s and more! This is where We Like Shooting buys our AR’s. Yes, that’s right, we buy them. We trust Brian and family to put customers first and have some awesome products.

DEZ Tactical Arms, Inc. was founded in July of 2012 by a young lifelong firearms enthusiast with a vision to create top of the line AR type rifles. Being interested in firearms and being a avid target shooter since an early age, the owner of DEZ Tactical Arms [Brian] has many years of experience on the consumer side. Additionally, working within the firearms industry producing precision parts for the AR type rifles has given DEZ Tactical Arms the knowledge and skills to manufacture a high quality product.

We are located in south-central Wisconsin, 8-miles south Adams/Friendship. We have a physical location that is open to the public. Currently we are operating by appointment only.


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