Deep Concealment? So Deep.

So Deep... Well, Ask Ice Cube About It.

Deep Concealment Illustrated
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Rhett Neumayer of Demonstrated Concepts LLC has been pushing the boundaries of what concealed carry, especially deep concealment looks like for several years now. Not only does he offer low or no cost training to people with little disposable income, but plenty of problems in their lives, he also does things with small handguns and Mossberg Shockwave style firearms that most people would consider crazy. If you’ve heard of the “cheek pistol” lately, this dude is why, and a lot of people are skeptical, but he’s got the video evidence to… uh… demonstrate these concepts, if you will.

In the above video, he provides evidence that NPEs (Non Permissive Environments), casual, hot-weather clothing, and a one-handed draw+firing grip need not be considered a hindrance to effective deep concealment, or armed self-defense. Using the Clown Car of carry guns, known for its sharp recoil as much as for absurd capacity, carried in the versatile PHLster Enigma, he teaches a B8 to sit the fuck down at 15 feet under sub-ideal conditions.

Concealed carry is commonly taught to be a series of compromises between comfort, efficacy, and firepower. Certainly a slung rifle would be a better choice for putting down a threat, but since most of us can’t, or won’t do that, it’s good to see what remains within the realm of possibility for people willing to put in the work, and think outside the box. Everyone looked at the stockless shotgun offerings that hit the market following the Shockwave, and we all laughed at the “Dumpster Defender” until Rhett showed us all how wrong we were. Then he did the same thing with large frame pistols clearly intended to use a brace, or be SBR’ed, carried in a shoulder bag. With the right grip and enough time on the gun, you can turn what was once broadly considered a gimmick range toy into a wildly effective SD gun.

Check out his YouTube channel if you’d like to see the crazy shit Rhett gets up to in Colorado, and hit up his website if you’re interested in taking a class from the Rocky Mountain Space Wizard.

Lars Smith
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