Daniel Defense Gets Into The Ammunition Business With ‘First Choice’ 300 Blackout

A company that was all 300 Blackout before 300 Blackout was cool has just introduced its first line of ammunition bearing its name.

And you guessed it, the first caliber is 300 Blackout.

Daniel Defense — which makes some of the finest AR rifles out there and has been a longtime favorite of Army Special Forces troops for years — just released its “First Choice” ammunition line in 300 AAC Blackout subsonic. The company has long made AR-pattern rifles in the silencer-equipped, SBR-optimized chambering and now adds its manufacturing acumen to bullets for its guns.

The new Daniel Defense 300BLK (7.62x35mm) subsonic ammunition is designed for target shooting and home defense. It is manufactured using the highest-quality components available, including durable brass cases and precision 220-grain Lapua- Scenar-L OTM bullets, the first choice for serious target-shooting competition, the company says.

“We’re passionate about the launch of our 300BLK ammo,” said Cindy Daniel, Vice President of Marketing. “It represents a whole new era for our brand—one where we can now ensure that the ammo that goes into our firearms is as high quality as the firearms themselves.”

The new Daniel Defense First Choice ammo will run about $50 for a box of 30 rounds. The company says it will be offering 5.56 and 7.62×39 rounds soon as well.


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