Czech SCAR – Bren 805 with the 9-Hole Crew

The Bren 805 was the result of a slow slooow roll by the Czech Republic updating their weapons to NATO standard. The project started before the fall of the Soviet Union and slow boiled its way through the 90’s and into the 21st Century looking to finally update from the Vz. 58.

In 2010 it was publically announced that the Project 805 had been chosen over the FN SCAR 16 because it was a domestically produced rifle system. The 805 has always been closely associated with the Belgian FN SCAR and usually seen as a less costly alternative for a lot of good rifle, which in turn describes the CZ brand with many of its products.

The rifle marked the Czech Republic’s modernization and, with adopting 5.56, standardization into NATO. A few years later, after field feedback was received the Bren 2 (806) was adopted too, with a series of included improvements. The 805 was and still is a capable rifle. The Bren 2 has seen commercial success abroad too, including adoption by French GIGN, and a commercial variant quickly added for the US Market.

Keith Finch
Keith is the former Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. He got told there was a mountain of other things that needed doing, so he does those now and writes here when he can. A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. Teaching since 2009, he covers local concealed carry courses, intermediate and advanced rifle courses, handgun, red dot handgun, bullpups, AKs, and home defense courses for civilians, military client requests, and law enforcement client requests.